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Are you tired of carrying a bunch of keys for your apartment or office building? It is time to consider a new master key lock system in Montreal. We only work with seasoned pros who are very experienced with this type of service. They have spent many years repairing, replacing, and installing these systems. All experts have honed their skills along the way. Imagine the convenience of carrying around one master key that can open multiple doors. No more frantically searching for the right key to the right door. At Montreal Locksmith, we make the process very easy.Master Key Lock System Montreal

The master key lock system allows you to open more than one door with the same key. The tenant only gets a change key. This key will only open their door. But you or your building manager has a master key which opens many doors. It sounds too good to be true, but it is. The locksmith experts in Montreal in Quebec make it look easy, but it really does take skill and training. The benefits of this system are many. The price of the service is very reasonable. Give us a try.

Residential Master Key Systems Designed Just for You

Some apartment buildings are huge. There can be dozens of units in one location. It is simply crazy for anyone to carry around a key to each unit. The tenants should have their own keys. Their key will not open their neighbor’s door. The addition of an apt building master key system allows you to have as many master keys as you need that would fit a pre-arranged number of doors. You will never need to fumble through a mess of keys to open an apartment door again. That makes this service very worthwhile.

Commercial Master Key System

Office buildings can have many units. This is another situation where you don’t have to carry a bunch of keys. A new office master key system will solve this problem. A specialized tech will prepare your locks to fit more than one key. Your tenants will have their own key. You will have a key that fits their door and more. You can have a key for every floor. A plan can be prepared to match your needs. Get rid of all those keys. Contact us for Montreal master key lock system service today.

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